Durtytracking GPS Tracking

Organising an event?

Our GPS Tracker system allows you to keep track of the location of your participants in real time. The safety benefits are huge - you'll gain peace of mind from knowing where everyone is all the time, and to be able to quickly send assistance if required.

The units can also be issued to your key 'assets' - vehicles, marshals, first aid teams etc. so you can monitor their location all the time and make sure they're in the right place!.

The simple web portal can also be accessed (if you choose) by the friends and family of participants across the world to watch your progress from the comfort of their armchair!.

This makes all kinds of races spectator friendly.

It's simple - we supply you with small robust tracker devices for your participants to carry (they measure just 6.5cm x 4cm x 2cm and weigh 65grams). The devices pick up their positions from GPS satellites, and send the data to our server and custom-written software.

We then plot the position of the trackers on a map (usually Google Maps, though OS, and custom maps are also possible) - we can set the reporting intervals to be anything from every few minutes to less than 30secs.

We give you the link to the online map, you share that with whoever you want, and they can follow the event from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

If you're interested in hiring trackers for your event please get in touch using the email form on the right

Our system can support many athletes (hundreds!) at the same time.

For event organisers we are able to offer a complete package that enables selection of individual, groups or all athletes for viewing on the map. Trackers can be issued to your key marshals so you also can be sure they are in the correct position and are safe.

We provide you with an easy to use web interface that allows you to manage the trackers at your event, and also provide back-up telephone and email support.

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